We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.

Native proverb

Lobhta (pronounced ‘lofta’ in Gaelic) is an organization dedicated to creating designs and concepts for living in symbiosis with nature. Our mission is to economize how we function as a society by creating a new model that gives future generations a reasonable chance to transition into the post-peak oil era. To ensure that they are not vulnerable to future food, energy and other supply-chain disturbances, as well as environmental and economic instability. Here at Lobhta we believe that through intelligent design and honest resolve, people can live together graciously with a quality of life that doesn’t sacrifice the health of the planet. We hope by giving a fair opportunity for future generations to not only survive but thrive, they may one day realize the true potential of humanity.

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

Albert Einstein

In order to to find the best solutions to the current challenges that face us today we take a holistic approach to our designs and concepts. By understanding all aspects of the human condition including economy, sociology, philosophy, history and architecture, we will have a better chance of success in our results. Through this process unassailable truths are exposed that can not be neglected in favour of convenience. Here at Lobhta we will be honest and diligent in making sure that we do not perpetuate existing flaws in our current system or create new ones. Presently we are engaged in four projects, each one a stepping stone to the future. Through these endeavours we will use the failures and successes to hone our designs and concepts to ensure the success of our mission.

Lascaux House
Ocean Pearl Village

The story of the hummingbird

Please note that this site is still in its infancy. The research done for these projects will be added periodically with the goal of having the first two designs completed by mid-late 2022.

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