Who             Jesse Collette
When           Begin in 2026
Where          New Brunswick Canada
What            Eco-retreat
Why             Example of eco-business

The Solstice is an eco-retreat featuring lodging, restaurant and spa. This beachfront vacation spot is off grid and strives to provide the highest quality of experience with the lowest carbon footprint possible. Those who wish to vacation with a conscience for the future of the planet and it’s inhabitants can relax in knowing that the Solstice shares in their values.

The Inn has twenty four rooms available, each equipped with a bathroom and kitchenette. All the rooms include a queen size bed and a fold out couch if needed. We provide linens and towels and there are laundry services available if needed. For the health of our water and septic systems we provide all bio-soaps and lotions needed for your stay.

The restaurant serves an organic pollo-pescatarian menu. Our culinary offering, which favours health, flavour and delicacy, is enhanced with fresh produce, fish and eggs from our gardens and greenhouse. The majority of the food served is grown on site in closed loop systems. These integrated systems include composting, permaculture, raised beds, chickens and quail, and greenhouse practices such as aquaponics and vertical aeroponics. By designing the menu and gardens in tandem it economizes the system by eliminating the use of petroleum, not only in the growing methods but also in transportation costs. It also ensures the freshness and quality of our organic food.

The solstice offers services that encourage the renewal of mind, body and spirit. At the heart is our Nordic bath circuit. Start with a dry sauna or steam bath to raise your body temperature, dilate pores and flush out toxins. Next, take a courageous dip into one of the cold baths or under the cold shower to get your heart pumping and close your pores. The final step in the Nordic bath circuit involves stretching out in one of our many relaxation areas such as our zen garden or rain room. You can also enjoy the stunning views from the sunset room. For the ultimate thermal experience, repeat the hot, cold and relaxation sequence three or four times.

The benefits of Nordic baths

Assists in the elimination of toxins
Helps restore skin elasticity and tone
Stimulates the cardiac system
Improves circulation
Reinforces the immune system by promoting white blood cell production
Releases stress and tension

You can also unwind with a therapeutic or relaxation massage. Using various techniques, your therapist will adapt the treatment according to your needs. If you enjoy the serenity of yoga, then join one of our classes. in the morning these will take place in the zen garden for it’s view of the sunrise and in the evening it’ will be held in the sunset room or on the beach depending on the weather.

Visitors will have direct access to one of the finest sandy beaches along the shore of the Northumberland Strait. Enjoy some of the warmest salt waters in Canada. Relax on the fine sands near the dunes or take a stroll along the sand bars when the tide is out. Near the beach access point in the dunes is a small cabana where you will have access to several amenities such as a change room with toilets and outdoor showers for rinsing the sand off.

The night sky provides a time of contemplation and wonder, and again like our ancestors take time to note our celestial events. For anyone wishing to gaze upon the stars there is a telescope available. And should there be any celestial event during that calendar year you will surely find a group out taking a gaze upon the awe of the universe.

As our name suggests, we are acquainted with the changing seasons. And like our ancestors we take the time to celebrate these important events. On the summer solstice we greet the sun in the morning and see it off to bed in the evening. And in between is filled with celebration and activities. And of course the relationship between the farm and the equinoxes brings cause for two more celebrations.

We offer two residencies, one starting on the spring equinox with a vernissage on the solstice. This begins the second residency   with its vernissage on the autumn equinox. Through these residencies we hope create a relationship with artists that are interested in sustainable lifestyle and who’s work reflects this attitude.

The business uses electric vehicles for errands and offers a pick up at the airport, train station or bus station if travelling long distance. We also hope to one day outfit a lobster boat with a hybrid bio-fuel electric engine.

The research done in this project will be amalgamated with the Lascaux House to create the final design for the villas in the Ocean Pearl Village.