Ocean Pearl Village


Who             33 families
When           Begin in 2030
Where          Shediac New Brunswick Canada
What            Village of 33 villas
Why             Improve quality of life


The Ocean Pearl Village is a community owned business cooperative and habitat. The village includes thirty three family villas in the form of a circle. Each property is a two acre market garden and permaculture forest with an off grid home. Acting in concert, this ringed community will create revenue by producing healthy organic food for market and managing a beachfront tourism business and marina.

The villas will be modelled from the research and experiences learned in the Lascaux House and Solstice projects. The Ocean Pearl Village will take around ten years to mature.

The Shediac area was chosen for this project to help address pollution in the water that threatens the quality of life for the people and the implications it has on the tourism industry. Here is a CBC article that discusses the situation.

The response has been the usual. The Government of New Brunswick is monitoring the bacterial levels and giving advisory warning when necessary. Once again research and monitoring will be the mandate, not productive action. Human activity is certainly the issue and we will try to address this matter in an honest and productive manner. Our goal is to offer a solution that will not only improve the quality of life for local citizens but will also bolster the tourism industry.