Lascaux House


Who             Jesse Collette
When           Begin in 2022
Where          New Brunswick Canada
What            Off grid eco home and greenhouse
Why             Model home for research


Lascaux house is habitat designed to be a living structure acting in symbiosis with nature. It is an off-grid model home from which future designs will be rooted. The design incorporates SIRE (structural insulated rammed earth) wall construction and a green roof. It will take advantage of passive solar gain using the large mass walls for energy storage. The heating and cooling will be supplemented by a geothermal system while solar and wind will provide for the remaining energy needs. A bio-mass generator will replace the conventional septic system. The home is also capable of producing food in an attached greenhouse that acts as a lung for the home.

Some of the focuses for this project are longevity and low maintenance of the structure with near zero chemical or petroleum products. Another is food production using aquaponics in tandem with multiple grow methods including vertical aeroponics and float beds. We’re also interested in automating many of the systems and having a central computer to manage and optimize performance.

Jesse has chosen the shoreline between Shediac and Murray Beach to build Lascaux House for a couple reasons. The first of which is that these beaches he frequented when he was younger and it is where he would like to retire. The second is to help address pollution in the water that threatens the quality of life for the local people and the implications it has on the tourism industry. Here is a CBC article that discusses the situation.

The response has been the typical. The Government of New Brunswick is now monitoring the bacterial levels and giving advisory warning when necessary. Again research and monitoring will be the mandate, instead of an honest and productive approach. Human activity is certainly the issue and our goal is to offer a solution that will not only improve the quality of life for local citizens but will also bolster the tourism industry.

Understanding how this design performs will be essential. It is these principles coupled with the research done at Solstice that will be incorporated into the Ocean Pearl Village.